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We offer in-person training to other organisations that provides Disability Support Workers with the skills and confidence to do their job effectively.

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Boundaries Training

Boundaries are vital in the care industry whether that be physical or emotional.

Our training can be tailored to include specific boundary issues that your company has identified.

Some topics that we cover are not sharing personal information with participants, mobile phone usage at work, gift giving/receiving and maintaining professional boundaries (not hugging or saying ‘I love you)

What do your boundaries look like?

Rigid – Closed off, unlikely to ask for help, may seem detached.

Healthy – Opens up but can say ‘no’, appropriately shares information.

Porous – Difficulty in saying ‘no’, fears rejection, gets overly attached

Mental Health Training

If your organisation provides psychosocial support then this training is critical. It provides an overview of several mental health conditions to help staff understand potential behaviours and triggers that relate to that diagnosis. It also covers how we can best support people who suffer from that condition. We can tailor this training to include any unique diagnosis or a combination of diagnoses.

Suicide Prevention

Our psychologist who offers this training has extensive knowledge and experience in mental health, specifically in suicide prevention. This training intends to give staff the confidence to handle difficult situations and conversations around suicide and self harm. It covers several topics such as potential triggers, what your responsibility is and how to continue to monitor people who struggle with suicidal ideation.

Motivational Interviewing

MI is a collaborative, person centred approach which can be used to include the participant in their care. This training explores the stages of change and helps support workers to avoid assumptions around motivation for change and the feeling that they are the expert.

Communication Skills

Communication is a fundamental part of any social interaction. This training explores barriers to effective communication which can inhibit rapport building between a support worker and participant as well as strategies to overcome them.

Induction Training

If you do not have the time or resources to properly induct your staff then Magnus Health are here for you! At our Magnus Health Training Office, we can induct your new staff. If you provide us with your policies and processes will ensure that your new staff are aware of your company requirements as well as NDIS policies and processes.

Trauma Informed Practice

When working with mental health it is always important to consider the effect that trauma has on a participants day to day life. It is crucial that support workers acknowledge the enduring impact of trauma and recognise vulnerabilities and/or triggers that may re-traumatise the individual. This is all with the goal of establishing a sense of safety, trust and collaboration.


We require all our employees to complete our NDIS Practice Standards training modules during induction to ensure they are fully aware of their roles and duties in the workplace. We also aim to have all staff complete our training on boundaries, suicide prevention, trauma informed practice, mental health, motivational interviewing, burnout, communication skills and MAPA (Managing Actual and Potential Aggression) training.